Buildings from reclaimed materials.

Truly unique buildings.

Barn with chicken coop
Showing off the integrated chicken coop in one of our larger buildings.

We specialise in making beautiful buildings, designed and built to create little worlds in your garden.

Our customers increasingly need a little extra space to work, think or relax and through individualized and thoughtful design we are able to make the absolute most out of even very small spaces, paying close attention both to the interior layout and decor as well as the way the building sits within the outdoor environment, through the seasons and over time so that our buildings ‘belong’ from day one.

How we think about design.

The last 10 years experience shows us that customers tend to have very clear ideas about how they want the building the ‘feel’ when its finished, these can be very specific ideas such how a shed or office will sit within their garden 6 months after the project is complete or how the light from the french doors will hit their favourite chair.

Building made from reclaimed wood & pallets
Pictures help a lot. Our customer gave us one picture and said “can you make this, but wider, lower & longer” Not a problem.

For us these small details a the key to getting a customer what they want, someone can talk about how much they love the feel of rough sawn timber joists and it readily brings forth many derivative or complimentary design ideas, whole designs can be extrapolated from a handful of seemingly minor details.

The factor that makes our design process work is that we listen to these details, customers may not always know the intricacies of how a building is constructed, but they can always find a few key features or qualities that matter to them, and all we do is listen to them, then draw, and design, and listen, again and again and again until we’ve captured it.

Why we like reclaimed materials..

Barn reclaimed to build garden office
This is not a broken barn, this another (smaller) building waiting to happen. In fact it made the building at the top of the page!

When your trying to build one of a kind structures standard materials and methods do not give you the freedom you need, thats why we like to combine the ease of conventional building materials with the beauty, intrest and integrity of reclaimed materials.

It could be reusing roof tiles, reusing rafters or using old scaffold boards for cladding, the inherent beauty of many older materials means is structural elements of a building can be aesthetic or decorative elements as well.


sotto voce…..

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