How we work & who we are.

Ideas are free

When you’re contemplating a project it can be tough, there is a certain amount of design work necessary to determine if a project is viable, if it will do what you want it to do and ascertain a rough cost, but this design work frequently comes at a price and this can create a roadblock to the project happening at all.

We believe that there are no wasted drawings, every time we meet a customer and complete a design for them we develop new ideas for new situations and learn more about what people want and how better to translate that to buildings or products. Thats why we offer onsite consultations, designs & quotes for free, its not uncommon to do two or three revisions of a design & quote at no obligation to you. You have nothing to lose.

Our process

For both buildings and custom woodwork projects we operate a very simple process. We do the design & quote for free, if you need revisions we do them for free, if you accept the design & price and want to go ahead then we produce a simple contract and the project begins.

Typically we ask for anything between 20%-60% of the total cost upfront depending on the project and the remainder is kept until the project is 100% finished and you are happy.

Because reclaimed materials come from a wide variety of sources we won’t start a project until we either have them in stock or they are on route to us to avoid delay. Many of our projects – including buildings – are prefabricated at our workshop to speed up the whole process, we encourage you to visit as often as you want and send through daily updates to your email so you can keep track of progress and flag any design quires.

Building buildings and making furniture. Somethings fishy.

Unbeknownst to me the first time I built a cabinet for the same customer who I’d built a nice little shed for I broke some invisible line in the woodworkers continuum. Apparently it is impossible, unthinkable, that some of the skills required to build a timber building could possibly be applied to making a item of furniture. Builders build buildings, cabinetmakers make cabinets. Do not cross the streams.

Well its 10 years later and I’ve got a few more buildings and a whole bunch of cabinet & furniture jobs under my belt and other than the odd occasion when I go to start a furniture project and have to clean concrete off my mortice gage I can’t say that there’s too much of a conflict.

Many people have said to me “what? I thought you’re a builder, I didn’t know you did kitchens…..hmmmm” Well it turns out solving problems, listening to what customers actually want and loving to make stuff is a, ahem, horizontally applicable multi- disciplinarily skill-set.

Its not as if I’m trying to make things and effectively express my thoughts about that process. That would have disastrous consequences.



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